The Melting Pot Embraces “Melting Pot Evolution,” a New, Modernized Brand Image.

The Melting Pot, the nearly-100 unit fondue concept, has undertaken a major, system-wide remodel to unify all locations with a more open, modern visual identity. Coined “Melting Pot Evolution,” the new look embraces a more playful, modern feel and is meant to unify the visual identity of all locations.

“When we started to undertake the remodel, we had a pretty wide variety of designs. The brand is a legacy brand, and some of our stores have not been updated since they opened in the early ‘80s,” explained Deborah Ramos, senior design manager at Front Burner Brands. “All of the stores were well-maintained, but the system felt a bit disjointed. We’re calling this remodeling effort Melting Pot Evolution because it’s reflective of how our system is growing and changing to better serve our franchisees and guests.”

When an existing location undergoes remodeling or renovation, a more open, inviting floor plan and dining room is created, and the concept’s high-level, craft cocktails receive a more dedicated space. Formerly, bars in The Melting Pot were generally viewed as a sort of waiting area, which took the emphasis away from bartenders’ craft. Now, the bar is visible from the entryway and has an even more clear purpose, allowing guests and bartenders to embrace the bar for exactly what it is.

Other finishing touches include motifs that play well with the melting aspect of The Melting Pot.

“A lot of our stores are also using fireplaces and candle features, so there’s additional movement and a playful element that reminds guests of fire and melting,” Ramos added.

Already, franchisees are embracing the evolution and recognizing the return on investment that has already been secured. Remodel-related projects have resulted in positive remarks from customers as loyal fans and occasional visitors alike make their way to the nearest The Melting Pot restaurant to see what is new.

At an even higher level, the brand’s growth continues to be driven by the truly unique offerings The Melting Pot provides. A new, fresh look is certainly exciting, but the concept has long stood out in the restaurant space due to its “eatertainment” model.

“It is the mission of the brand to provide guests with their perfect night out, whatever that looks like — especially today with what’s gone on in the world over the last few years,” explained CEO Bob Johnston. “Guests choose us over other options because we carefully craft an environment that encourages gathering with people they care about and spending quality time with them. The Melting Pot provides the perfect environment for that. What happens in a Melting Pot is as much about what’s going on around that fondue pot as what’s in that pot.”

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