How Much Can I Make?

$1,450,105 – $3,300,270*

*Average total sales of the lowest 25% and highest 25% volume franchised restaurants that were open for the 12 months ending March 31, 2022, as disclosed in the 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”). Some franchised restaurants have sold this amount. Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you’ll sell as much. For a deeper dive into how well our franchise owners do in their stores, please review the information from Item 19 of our most recent FDD below:

Category The Lowest Volume Restaurant Average Of The Lowest 25% Volume Restaurants
(22 Units)
Average Of All 89
Franchised Restaurants
Average Of The Highest
25% Volume
(22 Units)
The Highest Volume Restaurant
Total Sales $919,105 $1,429,001 $2,355,008 $3,735,836 $8,143,510
Guest Count 16,937 27,834 43,404 65,126 124,840
Average Sales per Guest $54.27 $51.34 $54.268 $57.36 $65.23
Category The Lowest Volume Restaurant Median Of The Lowest 25% Volume Restaurants
(22 Units)
Median Of All 89
Franchised Restaurants
Median Of The Highest
25% Volume
(22 Units)
The Highest Volume Restaurant
Total Sales $919,105 $1,450,105 $2,149,331 $3,300,270 $8,143,510
Guest Count 16,937 28,267 39,391 61,697 124,840
Average Sales per Guest $54.27 $51.76 $52.30 $56.47 $65.23

For more information on our restaurants, please review the 2022 FDD which you may obtain by contacting Collin Benyo at and (813) 425-6209.

How Much it Costs?

Type of Expenditure Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $45,000 $45,000
Real Estate Services $2,500 $2,500
(Rent – First 3 months) $22,000 $62,500
Security Deposit $0 $20,000
Real Estate Improvements $692,125 $692.125
Computer and Point of Sales Hardware/Software $15,600 $15,600
Computer Software Installation and Training; First Year Subscription $8,500 $8,900
Gift Card Processing and Customer Service Surveys $677 $747
Restaurant Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures and Signage $408,371 $410,559
Utility Deposits $2,000 $5,000
Opening Inventory and Supplies $50,000 $72,270
Grand Opening Advertising $8,000 $15,000
Training Expenses $42,000 $64,000
Licenses – Alcoholic Beverages, Business and Health $6,000 $10,000
Insurance $3,000 $6,000
Legal $2,000 $6,000
Accounting Firm $2,100 $2,500
Reservation System $1,750 $3,500
Additional Funds - 3 months $85,000 $145,000
Total Estimated Initial Investment* under the Franchise Program (Excluding Real Estate Purchase Costs) *As disclosed in the 2022 FDD $1,339,023 $1,587,201

Melting Pot’s unique business model means that the kitchen setup is minimal and non-traditional. Unless you own a suitable building, you will be required to lease or rent a space for your Melting Pot location. Typical Melting Pots should be 4,400 to 5,000 square feet. Rental space can range from $115,000-$250,000 annually. This number could increase based on location, local economic conditions and more.

Cost of leasehold improvements includes flooring, wall treatments, counters, ceilings, paintings and more, which may vary depending on the condition, location and size of the building as well as the demand for the location from other prospective tenants. Your Melting Pot restaurant must be constructed to the proper specifications. When designing your restaurant, you must use Melting Pot’s designated design firm, which costs between $40,000-$45,000. Fire codes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and Melting Pot reserves the right to require hoods for ventilation. This can cost from $75,000-$100,000.

See item 5 for other fees franchisees are responsible for paying. All fees are payable to Melting Pot and are non-refundable. Item 6 has additional fees you must pay including royalties and marketing contributions.

Melting Pot charges $1,500 per person in training fees. This charge is for initial operations training for 4 or more people, manager training after opening and a retraining course if you fail to operate the restaurant within franchisor compliance after opening. There is also a fee of up to $200 per person to attend the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Course and ServSafe Alcohol Course. There is an annual licensing fee of $200 per restaurant for access to these courses.

You must have wireless internet access that meets the proper upload and download speeds that are subject to change. The cost of this varies depending on your service provider, your location and more. If you are in violation of the Franchise Agreement, you will be given a Compliance Fee ranging from $100-$1,500 per notice.

You should have an additional $85,000-$145,000 for expenses for the first three months after opening. This is an estimate and it cannot be guaranteed that your expenses will not supersede these projected numbers.

Melting Pot does not offer financing for new restaurants and all estimates presented are based on past experience of opening Melting Pot locations. Figures should be reviewed with a business advisor before purchasing the franchise. The total estimated cost may exceed the high range based on your location, site conditions, local construction costs, government fees and more.

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